Phones still scare me

November 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

Phone still scare me. This is something more likely to come from a Baby Boomer but not a 23 year old like myself.

After retiring my broken screen iPhone 4s, I made the long awaited purchase of the Galaxy 5. Imagine a Texan, alone, looking for the Apollo Theater–starting in Flatbush, Brooklyn–without a phone. Anyways, ’twas a great decision, and the GS5 is completed with a kick stand case and tint screen protection, and is used more as a TV than a cell phone. If it wasn’t for the obliterated screen, I would have kept the iPhone because it did everything I needed.

The alarm clock awakens me, sometimes; then I check the weather to determine my attire for the day and if I will work out; play Pandora while brushing my teeth and/or shower; read articles during breakfast and listen to different podcasts during commutes; use the GPS to find my location; text and drive, of course. We take for granted how easier life is with a cell phone.

During the above listed normal daily routine, I am doing all manner of other things too. These include sending emails, checking calendars, writing drafts, paying bills and making transactions, lurking on Facebook, Snapchatting, keeping up with Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, using Sportscenter app and following the money line (sports betting), etc.

(All on the same device!)

All of this brings me to the point of the post. The anti-capitalist rage on Facebook about the horrors of capitalism, using their iPhone 6+ no doubt (with the iPhone 6+ on backorder, maybe they are suffering with the 5c) but fail to question how said technology makes life easier. Surely none of them will claim, “Steve Jobs did nothing to make my life easier. He doesn’t deserve anything. He didn’t build that,” etc., you know the normal stuff.

Phones have increased our welfare by an untold amount. Think of it like this: you can buy plane tickets to the UK, reserve a rental car and hotel room upon arrival, then find the nearest fish and chips spot in a few minutes, and that is after you conduct last minute meetings using mobile Skype. By sea, a transAtlantic charter took days only 60 years ago.

This type of convenience and efficiency is monetarily immeasurable.

Hail technology!

Contracts, the black church, and homosexuality

November 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

If there is to be any government, be it the present one or one of your liking, the minimal role it should play in society is to enforce contracts. That is apart of upholding the law.

The features of the contract or what it involves is irrelevant.

I don’t care if it is between a loaner and a loanee, a prostitute and a trick, a pimp and a prostitute, a drug dealer and a purchaser, or a gay couple and a Christian photographer. I don’t care about any of that. So long as it is a voluntary agreement, the contract (and by extension the transaction) is legitimate.

Some people don’t care if a transaction is voluntary. Think of the pushy watch seller in Manhattan…but worse: the pushy watch seller taking $1,500 from you with impunity and even support!

What was once a fear is approaching reality. Two farm owners were fined for “discrimination” for refusing to host a wedding. The couple were lesbians and the farm owners were Christian but these are peripheral issues; property owners were forced to pay money for utilizing their property the way two women didn’t like. In 2014, where the craze is anti-discrimination, equality, civil rights, gay rights, everything is for the taking, private property is not yours, and hurt feelings warrant a payment to the victim.

Heed this warning, reader: this isn’t the first time and won’t be the last. I saw this coming years ago and remain confused why black folks support the Democratic Party. What will black people do when their church is fined for refusing to host weddings and related events between homosexuals? Will they stand with Christian principles and their pastor–or the LGBT community and Democratic Party?

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Wendy Davis and the New Black Wall St.

October 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s about that time again!

We are two weeks away from midterm elections, the time of the year you root for the biennial horse-race. Voters and pundits alike clamor over which ruler is the best; and politicians make their normal promises and campaign gaits. Here in Dallas, known as the Blue Island in the Red Sea, Congresswoman EBJ will keep her position as she faces no Republican opponent and no serious Democratic opposition. « Read the rest of this entry »

Cracked screen iPhone entrepreneurs

August 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

This one goes to the entrepreneurs making million dollar deals on their cracked screen iPhone while it is prompting you to connect to wifi for an update. Yup, this one goes out to you, too, college student who found their Android calendar far more useful than a menstrual cycle reminder or gym day. « Read the rest of this entry »

Illegal immigration: a non issue

July 22, 2014 § 2 Comments

The main issue with immigration is the same issue with other government edicts. A group of suited men and women come together and declare it illegal to cross a line over a piece of land they don’t own. Who put them in charge? « Read the rest of this entry »

Writing less, Hobby Lobby and entrepreneurship

June 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Recently I have been engaged in other activities that have evidently taken time away from Minds Alike. In addition, I didn’t follow the news enough in May and June to comment on current events. I supposed not much has changed, though. « Read the rest of this entry »

Obama, Boko Haram, and #bringbackourgirls

May 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

As a first generation American whose parents and older brother was born in Nigeria, current events in Nigeria and Africa in general have a somewhat immediate effect on me. Nigerian-Americans are fond of saying “Nigeria is so corrupt,” as if Nigeria has a monopoly on corruption. That is neither here nor there. « Read the rest of this entry »

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